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Don't Forget To Take

Personal clothes
Swimwear, Towels, Slippers, Sunscreen, Sunglasses
Personal medicine
Mosquito repellent spray
Vaccination card
Musical instrument used
For the promotion of Countries Day (Country flag, country-specific food and drink, country-specific clothes, souvenirs promoting their country (Magnet / Trinket, etc.)

Application Evaluation

Applicants will be evaluated by the camp organization team.
Applications are evaluated according to the age criteria, gender balance, the balance of the number of participants by country, and the completeness and accuracy of the documents requested in the application.
The result of the application is notified to the participant over the internet. Those whose applications are accepted can contact the country convoy officers.

Camp Rules

Accommodation will be in tent.
The method of application is a nature camp.
Campers will bring their own personal equipment.
Team system will be used in the camp. Young people will participate in the activities not as individuals, but in teams of 6 people.
Teams will be divided into boys and girls.
Girls and boys will stay in separate tents.
The activities will be carried out as an outdoor activity.
They will learn and have fun by doing and experiencing.
It will be a camp that has rules and operates within the program.
Adult support will be provided to our youth.
Basic and Technical camping information will be given at the camp.
The fee for the arrival to the campsite and the return to their country from the camp site belongs to the campers.
Participants must be fully vaccinated before coming to the camp. Vaccination cards will be checked at the entrance to the camp and fever will be measured.
Breakfasts at the camp are open buffet breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be served as table d’hôte.
Lunch will be eaten on the boat on boat trips.
Food and beverages will be provided when meal times come to excursion times. Those who will eat different meals in the city center instead of food will pay for this meal themselves.
The responsibility of all kinds of electronic goods brought by the campers to the camp belongs to them.
Flags of their countries and materials to promote their countries on the countries day will be brought by the heads of the delegations.
It is forbidden to bring weapons or sharp objects into the camp.
It is strictly forbidden to light fires outside the designated places in the campsite.
Participants in the camp are deemed to have accepted all kinds of security measures, including the search for clothes and bags to be determined by the security team. Participants who do not want to comply with these measures will not be able to enter the camp, nor will the camp fee be refunded.
Camp management and staff are not responsible for stolen or lost items. It is recommended that you leave your valuables that you cannot afford to lose in the safe.
Camp management reserves the right to change the day or time of the program. Possible changes in the camp program do not constitute a reason for a full or partial refund of the camp fee.
Video and audio recordings will be made by the press and the camp management. Camp participants are deemed to have accepted to be viewed.
Cars, motorcycles, trailers, caravans, etc., except those belonging to the camp management and officials. Vehicles are not allowed to be taken to the camping area.
Any commercial activity is prohibited in the campsite without the approval of the organizer. It is strictly forbidden to stay outside the camping area.
Lost and found items are left at the Camp management office, and those who lost their items can ask here. At the end of each day, the owners of the items found are investigated.
We recommend not to buy food from peddlers outside the camping area, considering the possibility of poisoning.
WCs will be used free of charge in the campsite and their maintenance and cleaning will be done by the relevant camp staff. Our participants are required to use their WCs by taking into account the warnings inside. Otherwise, mishaps may prevent the use of all WCs for a certain period of time.
There will be a first aid tent and a doctor to serve at the point you can see on the sketch of the camping area. Our wish is that no one needs it.
Tent setups in the camping area have been made according to a certain order by the camp management and the tent locations will not be changed.
All activities in the camps are carried out by expert trainers. The most important point in the implementation of the activities is that the campers work with expert trainers within a controlled program. Safety is the most sensitive issue at ALFA GSK Camps.
Before the camp, campers will provide information about their health status by filling out the relevant section in the application form. This information (diseases he has had or the drugs he regularly uses) is recorded in the files of the campers. There are health personnel in the camp against possible health problems. In case of any injury, 15-20 minutes after the first intervention. Support is received from full-fledged health centers located at a distance and serving 24 hours a day.

Camp meals are one of the issues that ALFA GSK camps care about. Today’s industrial eating habits seriously threaten the health of young people. For this reason, camp meals are prepared with local and natural products of the region where the camp takes place. Efforts are made to stay away from industrial foods. The menus are prepared according to the tastes and daily calorie needs of the campers. The calories lost during the activities during the camp are regained with foods with high nutritional value. Meals, afternoon tea, and barbecue parties are colorful.

All campers participating in ALGA GSK Youth Camps are given a certificate of participation for the camp they have attended. The name and duration of the camp are indicated in the participation documents. Young people who attend our camps and are entitled to join the camp team in line with their performance can join our camps as an officer in the following terms.
Photo and video shootings are done professionally in our camp. The memories of the camp are immortalized by a professional camp photographer. Captured photos and videos are shared on social media. All the photos and videos you see on Alfa GSK websites and social media are original and all were taken in the camps.